Lucky Lines

Piet De Rycker:
Animation film Director, Animation Director, Head of Storyboard, Storyboard Artist, Story Development, Character Design.


Creator of Takti Puzzles


Creator of George & George
George & George

Animation film

Rock a Doodle A Troll in Centsal Park Thumbelina The pebble and the Penguin All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 Tobias Totz und sein Lowe Der Kleine Eisbar Lauras Stern Der Kleine Eisbar2 Lauras WeihnachtsStern Lauras Stern



2010 / 2011
Storyboard director for the 3D stereoscopic feature film KEINOHRHASE AND ZWEIOHRKUKEN inspired on original characters developed by Til Schweiger. Produced by Cartoon-Film and Warner Brothers Germany. (in production)

2009 / 2010
Scriptwriting on the feature GHOST TRAIN for animation studio Cartoonfilm, Germany. Inspired by the books of Klaus Baumgart ‘Elli’. (in development)

Co-author/head storyboard and co-director on feature 3D animation film LAURA’S STAR IN CHINA. German Title: Lauras Stern und der geheimnisvolle Drache Nian, in co-production with WB Germany. (released September 2009)

Co-author/head storyboard and co-director for a 3D 45 minutes direct to DVD on LAURAS WEIHNACHTS STERN. (released December 2006).

Project Development for THE TWO GEORGE’S.

Co-author/head storyboard and co-director on 2D feature THE LITTLE POLAR BEAR, THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND inspired on the books by Hans De Beer. German Title: Der Kleine Eisbär 2, die geheimnisvolle Insel, in co-production with Warner Bros’ Germany. (released September 2005, 1.460.000 cinema visitors in Germany)

Co-author/head storyboard and co-director on 2D feature animation film LAURA’S STAR inspired on the books by Klaus Baumgart, in co-production with Warner Bros’ Germany. (released September 2004, 1.370.000 cinema visitors in Germany) German Title: Lauras Stern
“DEUTSCHER FILMPREIS 2005”, category: Children’s Movie,
„CHICAGO INTERNATIONAL CHILDRENS FILM FESTIVAL” CICFF: First prize of the adult jury (best animated feature),
“CINANIMA” 2005(Portugal): Best Feature Film,
“ANIMADRID” 2005 (Spain): Best Feature Film.

2002 / 2011
Since 2002 teaching Script Writing at the Royal Academy for Fine Arts Ghent, Belgium

Foundation of LUCKY LINES a production company for writing, storyboarding, animation and illustrations of animated projects.

Co-author/ head storyboard, co-director on the 2D feature Warner Bros’ Germany production LARS, THE LITTLE POLAR BEAR. German Title: Der kleine Eisbär with about 2,7 Million cinema visitors in Germany.
“FESTIVAL L'ENFANT LUNE 2004”: Best Film of the Children’s Jury and best film of the Parents Jury.

Co-author, Co-Director and producer on the 2D feature film in a Warner Bros’ production TOBIAS TOTZ AND HIS LION. with about 540.000 entrees in Germany. World premiere in Berlin on September 1999. Belgian release 21st of February 2001.
“DEUTSCHER FILMPREIS” 2000, nominated.
“GOLDEN SPARROW” in Children festival Gera Germany 2001.

Co-author and moral father of the project TILL EULENSPIEGEL.

Directing-Animator for the MGM production ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN II in Dublin.

Animator for the Don BLUTH Studios on ROCK-A-DOODLE and Directing-Animator on A TROLL IN CENTRAL PARK and THUMBELINA in Dublin.

Founder and manager of Stupid Studio, a classical animation film studio, working mainly in the field of advertisement and TV titles. Customers were Nestlé, LOTTO, Ravensburg, St-Marc, NOPRI, PROFI, VRT, and RTBF.

Self employed illustrator, comics-book artist, animator for different magazines and companies such as Flair, Robbedoes, Magic-strip, Graphoui. Own published comics are TOMMY GUN AND MARION LEE and THE RETURN OF ROXANNE. Storyboards for the TV series QUICK AND FLUPKE from Castermans Editions.

Animator of Oscar Winning Nicole van Goethem’s second shortfilm VOL VAN GRATIE.

First Prize at the Brussels Film Festival for the animated short film THE OLD STORYTELLER.

Trained in several ART-SCHOOLS. Including the 4-year animation course at the Royal Academy for Fine Arts under supervision of Raoul Servais.

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